Spirit-Led Birth

Inspiring women to apply their Christian faith to the process of birth


It is my desire to inspire couples to turn to Christ in order to birth in greater ease and safety. And it is also my desire to support couples in birthing as the Spirit prompts them to do.

In regards to delivery, we must choose between and OB hospital birth, Certified Nurse Midwife attended birth, CNM attended at a birth center, lay-midwife homebirth, and medically unassisted homebirth.

I believe that only God can and should tell a couple where to birth. How will God convey this to you? Through a still small voice, a peaceful feeling and/or through a burning in your bosom.

I also believe that when the Spirit guides couples to homebirth, they are resistant to it because it goes against this societies current traditions. Homebirth has been made to seem dangerous, thus people who desire to know more or who come to believe in homebirth, face the stumbling block of fear.

I find this pattern to be a consequence of the enmity that was placed between Eve (womankind) and Satan. Satan is woman's adversary and he seeks to devour her and her child/children. As per Revelations 12:4 the adversary distresses the pregnant woman and stands "before the woman which (is) ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it (is) born."

Although I recognize that hospitals, technology and medications are beneficial to many, this website is dedicated to: encouraging couples to employ less interventions during hospital birth; extolling the benefits of homebirth; and supporting those who have been guided to homebirth, yet must overcome fear.






Susana Fierro-Baig, Mother of 7




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